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"Paper-mill "Spartak"

List of grades of waste paper purchased on the territory of Belarus for the production of products

Group Grade HS Code of FTA Composition
A МС-1А 4707909000

Waste from the production of white paper (other than newsprint): printing paper, writing paper, drawing paper, drawing paper, light-sensitive paper base, and other types of white paper

A МС-2А 4707909000

Waste from the production of all types of white paper in the form of scraps with a line and a black-and-white or color strip: printing paper, writing paper, diagram paper, drawing paper

A МС-4А 4707909000

Used paper bags, non-moisture-proof (without bituminous impregnation, interlayer and reinforced layers)

Б МС-5Б 4707909000

Waste from the production and consumption of corrugated cardboard, paper and cardboard used in its production

Б МС-6Б 4707909000

Waste of production and consumption of cardboard of all types (except electrical insulation, roofing and footwear) with black-and-white and color printing

Б МС-7Б 4707909000

Used books, magazines, brochures, brochures, catalogs, notebooks, notebooks, notebooks, posters and other products of the printing industry and paper-and-white goods with single-color and color printing, without bindings, covers and spines, published on white paper

В МС-8В 4707909000

Waste from the production and consumption of newspapers and newsprint

В МС-9В 4707909000

Paper sleeves, bobbins (without rods and plugs), bushings (without coating and impregnation)

В МС-10В 4707909000

Cast paper pulp products

В МС-13В 4707909000

Waste from the production and consumption of various types of cardboard, white and colored paper (except black and brown), cover paper, light-sensitive paper, including those sealed on multipliers, billboard, wallpaper, pack paper, bobbin paper, etc.

* waste paper used for the production of paper and cardboard at the enterprise must comply with GOST 10700