Адкрытае акцыянернае таварыства
"Папяровая фабрыка "Спартак"

Paper base for the production of napkins

Characteristic Value
Standard TU BY 700032335.031-2007
HS Code of FTA 4803009000
Number of layers from 1 to 3
Weight from 16 to 38 g/m2
Degree of creping from 5 to 25%
Wet strength from 5 to 20%
Diameter of the roll up to 1 500 mm
Max. trimming width 2 800 mm
Unit of measurement ton

JSC “Paper-mill “Spartak” produces base paper of 2 types: from waste paper (recycled paper) and from cellulose. With moisture-resistant additives and without. Waste paper is represented by three brands, depending on the whiteness of the paper.

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