Бумажная фабрика «Спартак»

     Corrugated cardboard (corrugated) is a packaging material used in the industry. It is characterized by low weight, low cost, but high levels of mechanical strength. Corrugated - it is one of the most popular materials in the world for use as packaging. Packaging of any product - often less serious matter than the manufacture of the product itself. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances of transport, especially the goods, make sure that the products are safe and sound was delivered to end users. The main advantages of corrugated board, which makes it an excellent solution for the packaging industry are the strength, lightness and ecological packaging based on cardboard. Corrugated do not emit toxic substances and does not pollute the atmosphere. Corrugated cardboard is used for packing more than a century. It was invented in the UK in 1856, and already in 1871 has been put into mass production. Corrugated board is typically made of three layers: two -laynery flat and one corrugated layer between them - fluting. Such a composition provides a special corrugated cardboard stiffness. It has a resistance in the direction perpendicular to the plane of the board, and in the directions along the planes. In order to further improve the physical properties of corrugated cardboard packaging used 5- and 7-layer corrugated cardboard. On the corrugator, put into operation in 2011, we can produce up to 70 million. M2 per year of high-quality corrugated board, are in constant demand.

     Manufacture of corrugated cardboard packaging consists of several processes. The web of corrugated cardboard cut into blanks required size, then harvesting occurs rilyuyutsya cutting valves. The most spread kind of packaging - is chetyrehklapannyh box. For its production is suitable creasing machine - slotter. Boxes of complex shape made by machines and rotary die-cutting machines ploskovysekatelnyh. The process of production of packaging folding-gluing section. They carried folding (bending and folding sheet) promazyvanie valves connecting glue and sealer. On any product possible to apply two-color flexo printing and handling marks.
     Also from corrugated cardboard we produce various kinds of products and boxes on the lines of a flat cutting LS 1670 S and rotary die cutting GYKM-B. To use a sharpened cutting stamp, with which you can get the products of any configuration. The quality of cutting depends on the quality of the equipment on which it is made. Our company cutting is performed on semi-automatic and modern machines, so we give a guarantee of its quality work.

     Depending on the type of die cutting can be rotary and flat. Flat and rotary die cutting is used to produce different types of trays and products with more complex circuits.

     JSC "paper mill" Spartak "sells a wide range of commodity corrugated cardboard and packaging of it for different types of packaging at attractive prices. Turning to us, you will get as soon as possible to your production quality packaging of any size and the necessary strength. We are happy to fulfill your every request.