Бумажная фабрика «Спартак»

     Paper shop number 2 consists of an independent paper machine number 2 site ("Dneprotiazhbummash", Ukraine) was put into operation in 1986. In 2009-2011, the modernized paper machine number 2 with the installation of the upper grid of the table, replacing the rolling and longitudinal cutting machine («Copasa» Italy) and USO-vershenstvovaniem wire, press and drying parts. As a result of modernization, productivity Organization BMD increased to 43 000 thousand. Tons a year. In 2014-2015 developed new technology sizing of paper and cardboard, cooking crash-formal glue, upgraded streams grind-preparatory department to improve clearing and sorting of waste paper. Currently, a paper shop number 2 produces cardboard for industrial purposes, fluting and a two-layer paper for corrugating, fully providing for the production of corrugated container plant quality raw materials of its own production. Part of paper and paperboard is sold successfully.