Бумажная фабрика «Спартак»

     In December 2012 it launched a new paper machine №1 company «ACelli» (Italy) for the production of base paper for sanitary purposes of the macula tours and pulp capacity of 50 tons per day. A feature-alternating ency- market of sanitary paper is a continuous improvement of customer requirements to its quality, with a mean quality, mainly ash and white indicators. A key step in improving the technology white recycled paper pulp - the removal of ink (deinking). To improve the mechanical properties of the base paper of the macula Thurn pulp removes fine fibers and fillers. Production of base paper occurs at the paper machine «ACelli» cut with a width of the paper web on the reel 2800 mm and a working speed up to 1150 m / min. BDM is equipped with a forming device (Crescent Former). Ebb paper is conducted in a neutral environment with no harmful additives. Drying the paper carries out subsequent to the drying cylinder (Yankee) with a diameter of 3200 mm. To ensure a high-temperature heat convection over the Yankee cylinder set number of Pac-speed drying. The cycle of preparation and use of water in production is designed so that the discharge of waste water is minimized. Advanced technology and equipment used in the processing of paper and pulp, avoided the exclusion receive high-quality base paper for sanitary on the values ​​of different varieties with excellent indicators of strength and softness.

     Line for production of lumpy pads (egg tray) "Voymega-3600" you-DELENA an independent station. Lumpy laying the egg produces Xia paper casting technology and is used for packaging, transportation and storage of eggs. Such packaging for eggs for many years in high demand due to its unique quality characteristics. The most significant feature knobby gaskets for eggs, according to the consumer - is the stiffness (resistance to compression), t. E. Pressure resistance that appears when laying trays of eggs in a box, ensuring the integrity of the eggs during transportation. Also lumpy laying egg-characterized forms a and other important quality characteristics: full-tion of ecological safety, water absorption, air permeability, ease of Uchi-tion.